What is a Nikah?

The Nikah is the equivalent to marriage in english. It is a sacred and solemn social contract made between bride and groom; however it is revocable and the marriage contract is not a sacrament in Islam.


  1. Ijab-wa-Qubul (Proposal+Acceptance) between the bride and groom to marry,
  2. In presence of two (2) sane adult Muslim witnesses,
  3. With an agreed amount of Mahr (dowry) to be paid by the groom to the bride.


  • Marriage sermon (Khutbah)
  • Walimah

The best and most blessed marriage is in which least money is spent.

Wali (Male Guardian)

A wali has the right to propose the girl in marriage ceremony, if the girl is not present. Wali should ask the permission from the girl before the proposal. But if he proposed without asking first, the Nikah will be a conditional Nikah awaiting the reply from the girl. If the girl accepts then Nikah is done, if the girl rejects than Nikah is invalid.


If the girl is not going to be present in the marriage ceremony, then she can appoint a Wakeel who can propose on her behalf. Wakeel must obtain permission from her in front of two witnesses to propose her in Nikah to such and such person.


  • 2 sane adult Muslim male witnesses
  • If two male witnesses are not available then one male and two female will work


  1. Take an appointment.
  2. Confirm with the Imam 24 hours before the appointment date.
  3. Groom needs to be present for the ceremony
  4. Bride or her Wali or Wakeel need to be present
  5. Valid IDs will be required of:
    • Groom
    • Bride
    • All witnesses
  6. We do not charge any fees for our religous services.
  7. Imam does not accept any gifts for his services.


  • Nikah is be performed by the Imam or one of his officiants ONLY.
  • You need to take an appointment in advance.
  • No cameras, movies or music allowed.
  • Guests are welcome, but not allowed to interfere in the ceremony.
  • Please avoid bringing small children.
  • It is your responsibility to clean & reorganize the premises after use:
    • Place must be in same or better condition than when found.
    • Put all the mats, chairs & tables back as they were.
    • Hall must be vacuumed/broomed if food was served.
    • Throw the trash outside if food was served.
    • No food or drinks allowed in the carpeted area.
    • Before leaving please make sure lights are off and doors are locked.